3 members of my family, including me have been a patient of Dr. Desimone.
Just recently had my knee scoped with excellent results. Al is very passionate about
Your concerns and wellness. He will sit with you and have deep discussions. He loves to be asked questions, so I would recommend come with notes on paper and ask away!!!

You won’t go wrong by choosing Dr. Desimone!

George P Joseph III Southwest Ranches, Florida

Dr. DeSimone has performed surgery on me twice for impingement syndrome – once for each shoulder. The 2nd time was worse as he found that the bicep tendon had frayed and had to be cut and re-attached. About 2 months into recovery, I found myself back in his office because the pain from unconsciously sleeping in my natural sleep position (which was on my surgical side) was so bad it was waking me up at night. He wrote me a prescription but it turned out the pharmacy wouldn’t fill it due to potential interactions with another medicine I was taking. Despite being out of the office, Dr. D followed up with my other doctor to come up with a pain med they both felt comfortable giving me. He gave me his cell# in case there were any other problems getting the (new) prescription filled, which there were. He took my calls and texts over the weekend and got the situation resolved. I’m now 6 months out from surgery and doing great. From my initial appointment with him, through the surgery and follow-up visits, Dr. D has been, without a doubt, the most caring and emotionally supportive doctor I’ve ever met. I highly recommend him to anyone needing an orthopedic surgeon. Thanks again Dr. D – you’re the best!

Robin Riley Sunrise, Florida

On June 2, 2016, I had reconstruction of my right Rotator cuff and Bicep reattachment. Dr. Desimone is a very straight forward doctor that gives you the facts but is very kind and caring. These are traits that can’t be faked! Having someone you KNOW you can trust relieves some of the stress and you know he is going to do his best for you.

His staff, namely Paul, Eric, Melissa and others I unfortunately don’t know off hand, are knowledgeable and learning from the best. They make you feel like a friend.

If you want the best, I highly recommend Dr. Alfred Desimone!

Arthur Chapman Moore Haven, Florida

Exceptional surgeon, with extensive experience, can’t recommend him highly enough! I came to Dr. DeSimone with a torn ACL in my right knee from playing sports. We discussed the different surgery options to repair it, depending on whether I wanted to return to high-intensity sports or not. Doc gave me all the time in the world to ask questions and helped me make the best decision possible on which type of ACL surgery to go with.

When it came time for surgery, I knew I was in great hands. Doc specializes in knees, shoulders, and elbows. He’s done over 1800 ACL reconstructions alone! I went with a patella tendon graft, and for those who are worried about the size of any post-surgery scars, Doc DeSimone makes shockingly small incisions for patella tendon grafts. I’ve met 4 other people that have also gotten patella tendon grafts from other surgeons, and they are in disbelief when they see my scar and learn that I also got the same procedure (because their scars are so much larger).

I’m now 10 months out of surgery and everything has healed great. As I said before, I can’t recommend Doc DeSimone highly enough; if my kids were to need any type of soft tissue reconstruction, I would go to Doc D first.

Brian Ahearn Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Dr. D,

Thank you for all the time we put in together into my recovery. From a [full] ACL tear, months of therapy and finally surgery. Thank you for your patience in working with me on alternative methods, before resorting to surgery.

You and your team were great!

Much love, and hope I DON’T see you again :)


Ananda 05/22/16 Miami Beach, Florida

Let me share with you my experience, with Dr. DeSimone, and you will understand why he is the best doctor ever. I had a successful surgery. He is not only a straight-forward doctor who treated me very well as a patient but also a person who is very considerate, for example, my surgery was on Thursday and on Sunday at 8 pm, he called my parents to follow up with me, that made me and my parents feel how important I was, because he called at the time when he should be relaxing. He also has an excellent team that support him for everything. Thank you Dr. DeSimone for being my doctor.
Valentina Espana

Valentina Espana 5/15/16 Weston, Florida

I have been a patient of Dr. Desimone’s for at least 15 years. He has performed surgery on both my knees and now my shoulder. He has the best bed side manner of any one I’ve seen. After my knee surgeries I was running in 6 weeks. I now have full range of motion in my shoulder and I’m at about 80% working towards 100%. Dr.D called me on New Years Day two days after my surgery to see how I was doing. I have also seen him tell patients I’m running two hours behind, if you have to go back to work go, tell me what time to meet you tonight and I’ll be here. Who else does this. His staff, rehab team are top notch. I would send anyone to Dr. D…..

Richard (Rick) Gaines 5/6/2016 Pompano Beach, Florida

I was experiencing a lot of shoulder pain, weakness and sleepless nights, when I decided enough was enough and I went to see Dr. DeSimone. I was familiar with the staff at South Fl Institute of Sports Medicine because my son was an ankle patient when he played football for West Broward High and also my wife was a knee patient that had undergone a successful knee surgery there as well. My experience was similar. Dr. DeSimone diagnosed me with a large rotator cuff tear that would need surgical repair. Throughout the whole process; pre-op, surgery and post-op follow ups, Dr D. And his staff did a fantastic job of making sure I had the best care, answered all my questions and helped me through the tough parts of rehabilitation. I am currently at 4 1/2 months post op and Dr. D said I am about 60% through the healing process. My shoulder is feeling sooooo much better, and I can do a lot of things that no longer cause me pain. I am very thankful for the excellent care that Dr. D. And his staff have given me. They called and checked on me, and always answered my questions if I phoned in to them. I highly recommend Dr. DeSimone and the staff at South Fl Institue of Sports medicine.
Richard Z.

Richard Zicarelli 4/30/2016 Southwest Ranches, Florida

My name is Debra J. Davis and Dr. DeSimone performed many surgeries on both of my legs/knees in the late 1990′s. Just wanted him to know that my legs are functioning fine and I am 60 years old now. I am retired living in Panama City Beach. I think of him often and really appreciated all the kindness and patience he displayed to me during our trials together with my fractured tibia! Not to mention his skill as a surgeon! Just wanted a chance to say hello after so many years. Debbie

Debra Davis (4/24/16) Panama City Beach, Florida

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