Rene Blanchett became part of Dr. DeSimone’s medical team in 1999 and has assumed the role of Scheduling Coordinator as well as Dr. DeSimone’s personal assistant and is a crucial link between the patients and the medical team. Some of Rene’s responsibilities include:

    • Coordinate appointments
    • Call insurance for coverage information/benefits
    • Schedule MRI’s when needed
    • Gather all pertinent patient medical records
    • Act as a direct source of communication between coaches, trainers, physician offices and Dr. DeSimone’s medical team
    • Scheduling of all workers’ compensation and motor vehicle accident patients
    • Obtaining signed authorization for patient consultations
    • Verifying personal injury and private insurance benefits
    • Communicates with attorneys and case workers regarding patient referrals

She can be reached via phone or email at:

(954) 389-9178