frequently Asked questions

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Where does Dr. DeSimone see and evaluate patients?

What should I do if I need to contact Dr. DeSimone after-hours?

How do I know what my insurance covers (office visits, x-rays, braces, surgery,     and anesthesia) and what are my co-pays?

Do you see patients who do not have insurance?

Does Dr. DeSimone perform surgery on patients that are from out of town?


Do you perform Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections?

Do you treat children and adults?

Do you treat all orthopedic injuries?

What information should I bring to my appointment?


Where do you perform surgery?

How long will I be at the surgery center the day of surgery?

Can I eat or drink anything before surgery?

Will I be under general anesthesia or local?

How long does surgery take?

Will I be taking any medications before and after surgery?


Does South Florida Institute of Sports Medicine provide physical therapy?

When can I go back to work/school?

When can I drive after surgery?

When will I start physical therapy after surgery and how often should I go? 

How often/long should I ice for after surgery?

When can I travel after surgery?