Philosophy Of care

Dr. DeSimone has a true passion for Sports Medicine and he is committed to provide the best possible care and treatment for his patients.

He understands that taking time to listen to his patients will help him provide a more accurate diagnosis during the consultation. Dr. DeSimone recognizes the importance of communicating with his patients to help them understand the treatment plan that will best serve their needs.

He also abides to the highest standards of medicine by remaining current in his professional training and certifications, thus maintaining his Board Certification in Orthopedics for over 18 years.

He acknowledges the value of education and will continue his participation as a guest speaker for major television networks, lectureship circuits and medical conferences. Dr. DeSimone is constantly sharing his philosophy of medicine with his staff so they can provide a service that is competent, considerate and oriented towards the patients’ needs.

Dr. DeSimone strives to provide the highest quality of medical care, always remembering that compassion and commitment are essential to providing exceptional care.